Glastonbury Sunday reviews: Herbie Hancock and DakhaBrakha

Jazz-fusion virtuoso Herbie Hancock delights the Pyramid Stage audience with a sunny afternoon set, while Ukraine’s DakhaBrakha come armed with a message against Putin

Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha started life as a theatre project, rooted in an avant-garde scene that was burgeoning in Kyiv until Putin’s war put it on indefinite pause. For years, the band have served as representatives of their nation’s music and culture, typically ending shows chanting: “Stop Putin! No war!” Today, they’ve brought their anti-war message to the world’s biggest festival, in triumphant and defiant form.

Visually striking, they step out on to the Pyramid Stage, resplendent in towering black lamb’s wool hats, crimson beads and other finery. The crowd – themselves festooned in yellow and blue facepaint, floral headdresses and Ukrainian flags – cheer back at them.

Despite their traditional folk heritage, DakhaBrakha are as contemporary as they come. The whole experience is a riotous explosion of colour; hypnotic harmonies blend seamlessly with African rhythms and heavy percussive bass lines. Never losing sight of their political message, the band show footage of the destruction Russia’s war has wreaked on their homeland during the performance. As they reach their exhilarating climax, the words “Arm Ukraine now” shine out behind them. A reminder for us all of the unifying power of this festival.

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