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Center of Contemporary Art «DAKH» joins the European Theater (ETC) as a new associate member

CCA «DAKH» joined the European Theater Convention (ETC) as an associate member through the project «Theater, Freedom, Dialogue: European Network with theaters of Ukraine and Belarus» at the end of 2015 in order to continue to cultivate and develop new relationships and contacts. The choice of theaters, one of which is a subsidized state theater (Kyiv Academic Youth Theater), the oldest theater of the independent scene in Ukraine (Kyiv Theater «DAKH») was performed after discussion with the theaters and the board of directors during the Ukrainian Theater Showcase, which was held in Kyiv at the end December 2015

The European Theater Convention is a nonprofit membership organization and a network of European state theaters, founded in 1988 to create, defend and encourage theatrical art and its diversity in Europe and beyond; to act as a transnational network of theaters to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; act as a platform for the professional exchange, development and enhancement of theater’s potential in an international context, as well as advocating for the public sector in the EU, Member States and at the local level. The ETC has become by far the largest European network representing more than 40 theater members in 25 countries, 8,000,000 theaters, more than 11,000 taxpayers employed in public theaters, thousands of artists in more than 20 countries, and 16,000 performances and public events annually.

The website of the European Theatrical Convention   https://www.europeantheatre.eu/