Paradoxes of Crime

Director, producer, stage-designer — Vlad Troitskti

Playwriter — KLIM

Lighting Artist, Animation — Astkhik Grygorian

Music — Vlad Troitskyi, Volodymyr Rudenko, Igor Mytalnykov, Marusia Ionova, Marichka Shtyrbulova, Kateryna Petrashova, Nadia Holubtsova

Actors: Andriy Palatnyi, Igor Dymov, Semen Kyslyi, Volodymyr Rudenko, Nadia Holubtsova, Tetyana Troitska, Igor Mytalnikov, Marusia Ionova, Oleksandra Indik, Volodymyr Lutikov, Marichka Shtyrbulova, Kateryna Petrashova, Vladyslav Gogol

Language — Russian and Ukrainian


Drama of the Absurd

Contemporary model of the antique theatre: here the actor is a guide through poet’s visions.

On the basis of «CRIME AND PUNISHMENT» by Fyodor Dostoevsky and «THE PARADOXES OF MR. POND» by Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

The playwriter KLIM bands together in the unique space main heroes of two masters: briliantly wit Englishman G.K. Chesterton and the creator of epic novels Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The evolution of action in «PARADOXES OF CRIME» is segmented into blocks, where the borderline state ia revealed.

The energy of thought is rendered by dialogues, that often evolve into range of significant monologues that are similar to streams of conciousness. All characters discuss the phenomenon of the intentional murder — its sources and perspectives. Does the murder possible in the name of..?

Those two, one is a killer of another, were a teacher and a student. The student believed in God, the teacher — in Darwin’s theory of evolution. As soon as the teacher won over the student, the student acted according to the Dostoevsky formula that is the same as the Apocalypse formula. By the way the student says «YOU HAVE CONVINCED ME THAT MY FAITH IS A MIRAGE OF DREAMS,  BUT YOU HAVEN’T — THAT DREAMING IS WORSE THEN  AWAKENING».So Dostoevsky is overtaking Chesterton.

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