Vlad Troitskyi
Maryana Golovko (soprano)
Anna Marych (soprano)
Oleksandra Mailliet (mezzo-soprano)
Andrey Koshman (baritone)
Ruslan Kirsh (baritone)
Yevgeniy Rakhmanin (bass)
Zhanna Marchynska (cello)
Andrey Nadolskiy (percussion)
Illia Razumeiko (grand piano)
Roman Grygoriv (conductor)
Tetiana Troitska (voice)

NOVA OPERA is a group of young Ukrainian artists the aim of which is search for new ways of developing of music theatre. It was founded by director Vlad Troitskyi in 2014. Musicians create the new synthetic genres and experiment with untypical music and stage performances. The music language of the performances hasn’t got any aesthetic borders and freely unites avant-guard and rock, Gregorian choral and trip-hop, new baroque and folk improvisations. The vocal-instrumental ensemble of NOVA OPERA investigates possibilities of human voice and uses non-academic methods of playing music instruments such as prepared piano, bit-box, body-percussion and so on. The use of achievements of traditional theatre is mixed with the modern technologies: vj-ing and live-electronic music. NOVA OPERA’s repertoire consists of seven operas: opera-requiem “IYOV” (based on the Book of Job), overnight opera “UnSimple” (based on the novel of Taras Prohasko), opera-circus “BABYLON”, in which circus artists take part, opera-ballet “ARK”, trap-opera “Wozzeck” (collaboration with Ukrainian poet Yurii Izdryk), and drama per musica “Hamlet”(collaboration with Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre). The first production of NOVA OPERA was improvisation opera “Coriolanus” based on the tragedy by William Shakespeare.


«IYOV» — opera-requiem for prepared piano, cello, drums and voices.

ARK — opera-ballet

Babylon — opera-circus